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Input of material flow


The incinerator of waste is specified for energetic usage of mixed municipal and trade waste according to the legislative laws of ČR and EU. In the year 2002 in the incinerator Termizo 96 600 tons of waste was used. Composite municipal waste makes up 85%, trade and similar municipal waste makes up another 2%, further on with a significant part are various packaging materials (5%), different types of fabric (3%), and plastic (4%). From the end of the year 2001 the capacity of the incinerator is fully utilized and processes around 65% of burnable waste in the gravity area.

Other inputs

      • Demineralized water, from which the incinerator produces super pressured steam for the production of electrical energy and heat (“demi-water”).
      • Natural gas, is used only for the startup cycle and shutdown of the technology so, that there is a minimum amount of emission released into the air (it doesn’t therefore work as extra fuel) and rarely is used for stabilization of burning.
      • Additional chemicals (ammonia water, calcium hydrate, sodium hydroxide, zinc sulfide, ferric chloride, etc) are used for the operation of cleaning waste gases and sewage water, also used for the treatment of water in the boiler. To correct waters for boiler, the special agents are used.

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