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The Company’s business is focused on the energy recovery of waste for heat and electricity production. Waste, supplied by external organizations of the citizens or companies in the waste incineration plant is burned paid, and the heat generated during incineration is used for the production of heat and electric energy. The incinerator is capable of utilizing a wide scale waste energy. The power generated is supplied to the heat and electrical supply networks, where they to the end users – households and firms.
Additional operations are performing Dokumentenskartierung and sale of the separated from incinerated waste iron scrap. The construction companies for clearly defined use (landfills, Zuschüttungen) and passes the landfill operators for the reclamation and redevelopment we provide ash mixture for landscape restoration and design.
Operation of the incinerator
The operation of the Müllverbrenungsanlage is continuously, 24 hours a day, the plant all year except two to three ca 14 days downtime is working continuously on. About the shutdowns suppliers are properly informed. However, usually there is a possibility of the waste acceptance even during the standstill

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