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TERMIZO a.s. is engaged in two research tasks of the international EUREKA program, always as the main project researcher.


Optimization of the system of cleaning of burnt gases and reliable reduction of dioxin emissions. The first research task has the acronym: DIOXIN. This research task will markedly help to optimize the operation of the dioxin filter and to predict its lifetime.

Project aims

Application of the new modern REMEDIATMD/F technology for safe, simple and reliable reduction of emissions of dioxins and furans from the incinerator of municipal wastes, based on catalytic filter, and finding of such operation modes of the incinerator of wastes to achieve optimum activity of the system of cleaning of cleaning of burnt gases. Creation of a database of information for further application for incinerators of municipal and industrial wastes. Verification of the possibility of optimization of function of dioxin filter through application of the Czech patent for detoxication of separated fly ash.


TERMIZO a.s. cooperates on this project with the following renowned partners:

  • Eveco Brno, s.r.o.
  • Technical University of Brno, Faculty of mechanical engineering
  • Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • Gore, branch of Germany

The first opposition of the solution of this international research project in 2004 was performed with the rating: excellent with international level.The second opposition at the beginning of 2006 had the same success.



Use of burnt gas carbon dioxide in production cultures of seaweeds

This research task was started in 2006. The project engages in use of waste CO2 from burnt gases for the growth of seaweeds usable in nourishment or cosmetics.

Project aims

Elaboration of procedure of production of seaweed biomass and verification of its quality in the system of solar cultivation of seaweeds in thin layer, the source of carbon for the growth of seaweeds being the carbon dioxide obtained by burning organic waste in the incinerator of municipal wastes of TERMIZO a.s. The implementation of this technology will reduce the price of the seaweed biomass and extend the possibilities of its use on one hand and contribute to reduction of waste carbon dioxide emitted by burnt gases into the atmosphere. Verification of cell genetic changes of seaweed culture at long-term contact with cleaned burnt gases.


TERMIZO a.s. cooperates on this project with the following organizations:

  • Microbiological institute of Academy of Sciences of Třeboň
  • Ústav pro výzkum a využití paliv, a.s. (Institute for research and use of fuels, Ltd.), Praha – Běchovice
  • Abteilung der Algenbiotechnologie, Institut für Getreideverarbeitung, GmbH, Bergholz-Rehbrücke, Germany

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